A Semester Exchange at TUAT (AIMS), Japan (Update)

A Semester Exchange at TUAT (AIMS), Japan

Place:???Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology,?Tokyo, Japan

Period:?September ? December 2018

Courses split into 3 phases:

1. Preparatory Courses?(September 2018)

3-week programme to learn about Japanese industries, technologies, culture, and society.

2. Specialized Courses and Research Internship?(October to December 2018)

Specialized courses are available from the seven departments and an opportunity to do a research internship in connection with the student?s specialization.

3. Engineering Industrial Training?(December 2018 to January 2019)

Only available for students staying until the end of January.

Course descriptions😕AIMS Programme Guide (TUAT 2018)

Scholarship:? Granted by TUAT

* from? Sep 11 – Dec 19, 2018? = 32,000 JPY total

* from Dec 21, 2018 – Jan 24, 2019? = approximately 140,000 JPY? (JASSO Scholarship for 2 persons)

How to apply:

  1. Fill in KMUTT Outbound Exchange Application Form and/ or other required documents.
  2. Consult your advisor about course registration. This is to make sure that the credits taken at the partner institutions can be accepted and transferred back to KMUTT.
  3. Submit?KMUTT Outbound Exchange Application Form, along with other required documents to your department.
  4. Your department will screen out and submit the application package to KMUTT International Affairs Office
  5. IA will select, interview and nominate successful candidates to the partner institutions for their final consideration.
  6. IA will announce the result to the department and students.
  7. If accepted, students have to re-consult with their advisor on registration, while feel free to discuss on immigration and other administrative matters with IA.


AIMS Application Package😕See the attachment?

AIMS guidebook, course offerings and All detail 2018: download here.


Due date of application submission to?Kanokwan@sit.kmutt.ac.ht??by 10th?June 2018.

For any further information, please contact Ms. Kanokwan, IR-SIT at 2nd?floor, SIT Building Tel: 02470 9809