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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (English Program)


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Our Computer Science program is truly an English language program of study. Instrution is conducted in English by highly qualified Thai and foreign instructors with extensive international experience at both the Master and Ph.D. levels. The structure of the program is closely linked to professional standards issued by the ACM and IEEE.



?Students in the program study computer science while developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English. Students become proficient in English as the medium of communication. The curriculum also aims to develop the attitudes, cultural awareness and thinking skills that are necessary to work successfully in an international environment. Furthermore, the program lays a strong foundation for those who interested in pursuing postgraduate studies aboard.

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (English Program)

Link ? Program Chair : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bunthit Watanapa (

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology (English Program)

Link ? Program Chair 😕Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bunthit Watanapa (

Master of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology program


Bioinformatics is a relatively new scientific discipline that is concerned with the study of biological information, ranging from the vast genetic information being rapidly accumulated, to patterns of protein expression and their links to disease states. Bioinformatics is very much the scientific and technical foundation of the human genome project, and promises to be the central life science of the coming century.

The Master?s Degree in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at King Mongkut?s University of Technology Thonburi is an international program jointly offered by the School of Bioresources and Technology and the School of Information Technology.

This program is designed for students who desire focused training in the elements of computer science, biology and biochemistry needed for a successful career in this exciting new discipline. Students in our program will receive comprehensive training in genomics, algorithms for sequence analysis, database design and management, software engineering and programming (including web-based development). Each student will apply their skills to a practical project, where they will design and implement a solution to a real-world problem under the guidance of an experienced mentors from the industry or academia.