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Outbound Student Exchange Program

Living and studying in a foreign country can provide a valuable and enriching experience for any student. In addition to improving your English skills, the experience will increase your self confidence and sense of independence. Through exposure to other educational systems and interaction with people from other countries, student also develop a more global perspective. Those who have an interest in future graduate study in a foreign country can use this as an opportunity to ?test out? their ability to suceed in different educational and cultural environments.

Students interested in either internship or exchange opportunities at other instutions should contact K. Nick or Aj. Jonathan before starting the application process.
Students can also find more information on international affairs (IA) web page ?


Eligibility and Considerations

  1. Generally the Exchange Program is open to 3rd and 4th year SIT undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in the CS or IT program. In some cases, the agreement between SIT and the exchange partner (memorandum of understanding ? MOU) specifies which students are eligible.

  2. Applicants must achieve the minimum GPAX of 3.00 and must be proficient in the language used as the medium of instruction at the partner institution (typically English). Individual exhange partners may have additional requirements and you should review this information on the respective website.

  3. Available to join the program throughout the whole period.

  4. Possess a clear record of good conduct and be in good health.

Note: If a student withdraws from the exchange program after they have been approved, they will not be allowed to participate in such future exchanges without providing a legitimate reason.

Application Documentation Requirements

The attached form must be completed and the documentation requirements fulfilled before submitting to International Relations (IR) office. Please remember to talk to Aj. Jonathan prior to begining this process.

Outgoing Exchange Application ? PDF

KMUTT Student Exchange Application Form _ Outbound-DOC


kmutt doc




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