Internship at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

June 1st – July 29th 2016


  • Jutarat Kositnitikul 56130500206

  • Saowaga Srisuphang 56130500230

  • Busakorn Siripornmongkolchai 56130500248

School of Information Technology

B.Sc.Computer Science

Project Name: SnapMemory Android Application

Supervisor: Dr. Wang Di


Brief description of all activities that took place through this Program:

Meeting with professors and introduce all possible projects.

On the first day, we went to see Prof. Kwoh Chee Keong and then he introduced us to other professors. Then, they gave us 4 possible projects to decide. The first one is about developing an application for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The second one is about people who have diabetes. Next one is eHealthPortal web application for elderly. And, the last project is SnapMemory Android Application.

Assigning tasks for interns



After we chose the project we want to do, then we were assigned to project?s supervisor, Dr. Wang Di. Then he called us to discuss about deep detail of the project and overview of tasks that we have to do.

Weekly meeting with supervisor.

We have a weekly meeting with supervisor, however, the date that we have to present our progress was depended on the supervisor. In each meeting, we had to do the presentation about our progress of the application. Moreover, we have to send the presentation slide before the day we have to present it.

Presenting final work.



On the last day of our work, the supervisor invited other professors to join our final presentation. We had to present all detail of the application including showing the demo. Also, we had to deliver source code and documentation of the project.

Having lunch with professors


After finished final presentation, the supervisor invite other professors and us to have lunch together. He decided to take us to Pizza Hut at the canteen near the faculty.