Brunei student internship at D – LAB Faculty



Mr. Mohammad Azri Mohammad Noah ? and ? Mr. Mohammad nazri Bin Osman, a student from Brunei. Participated Exchange students from Institue Teknologi Brunei (ITB), Brunei to internship in the program for the period of 4 January 2016 to 30 June 2016.



Students have to study and develop the Project Frozen Shoulder (3D Simulation), which are detailed below.

Main project Frozen Shoulder exercise (3D simulation).
??: Male character (character rigging) is already done (Adding skeleton).
????: User Interface elements added to the screen for interaction for the user.
????: Working on retrieving the data from database to imported to Unity 3D of simulation.
????: Scripting the Model to rotate according to the value inserted.

Side Project
????: Modelling SIT logo to promote SIT.
????: To be printed using 3D printer.
????: Learning / figuring out how to set-up and use the 3D printer.
????: One of the components / parts of the SIT logo is already Modelled in Maya and ready to tested (testing the 3D printer).
The Education and Development Project was organized to promote the knowledge and development.
The ability of the technology on the part of students. And adoption in the enterprise