Activities at St. Francis Xavier University

Description of the activities that took place through St. Francis Xavier University’s ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? exchange student program?

of ?the period 1 January to 30 April, 2016 .

Miss. Theeranuch Sirikojakorn and Mr. Jirayu Chamamahattana?


International Welcome Orientation (Winter)

3rd January 2016

International Welcome Orientation is the event for International students and exchange ?student for Winter semester, 2016. The orientation introduced all international students the St. Francis Xavier University and Antigonish town, explained STFX academic programs adn degree requirements, and also reviewed the university services offered by the International advisor’s office. The students had opportunity to meet and greet new friends.

Friendship Cafe’ Event at Antigonish Library

Everyday Thursday

Friendship Cafe’ is the event hold by Karen C Foley, at Cafe gatherings on Thursdays from 4.30 to 6.15 pm in the community Room, antogonish Peoples Place Library. Friendship cafe’ includes the activities such discussion about culture and any topics of interest, have conversation with people from other cultures, play games, and make new friends. Karen C Foley is very nice, hearty, and enthusiastic. She loves to discuss and discover new culture and food from international sutdents who participate in Friendship cafe’. Moreover, she is willing to share Canadian culture and food for foreigner students.


Chinese Class

Everyday Thursday

chinese ?Class is free Chinese language classes that offered on every Thursday at 7.00pm, NH Room 145 by Chinese Student Association. For this class, we have to chance to learn basic Chinese language, vocabulary. And also learn about Chinese culture and traditions will be used to support conversational sessions.

Chinese Spring Festival

7th February 2016

Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year Festival) were hold at Bloomfield Centre, Mackay Room is the greatest and biggest event present Chinese Student Association of St. Francis Xavier University. It is the first day in Chinese lunar January. Inthe Chinese New Year Eve, people gather with their families, have reunion dinner. The festival presents Chinese performances such as Chinese-style dance, talk shows, and sing Chinese songs. At the end, Chinese-style foods ?were served to every guests.


Internation Bangquent

3th April 2016

the International Students’ year-end for goodbye dinner to STFX exchange students and international students. It is the last event for every STFX international students in winter semester. And, this event is the last chance to promote all candidates for executive positions within the international society for coming semester. The candidates can present themselves and share their platform.